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Get $150 for switching from Brex to Relay*

If you have been impacted by Brex’s decision to end support for small businesses and are looking for Brex alternatives, Relay can help! We’re built for small businesses—and we would love to have you.
Relay and Brex

Relay was truly built for small businesses


Relay's no-fee, online business banking platform puts you in complete control of the thing that matters most to entrepreneurs: cash flow. Get crystal clear on what your business is earning, spending and saving with Relay's robust money management features.

We've got the banking essentials covered, and more


  • Bank online without fees or minimum balances 
  • Organize cash and expenses using 20 checking accounts
  • Issue 50 physical or virtual Mastercard® debit cards
  • Send and receive ACH transfers, checks and wires 
  • Get ultra-detailed banking data for meticulous expense tracking 
  • Speed up bookkeeping with best-in-class accounting integrations
  • Give team members secure, role-based banking access
  • Get personalized customer support by email, chat and phone

Get started with Relay today


To help ease the transition from Brex to Relay, we’re offering $150 to former Brex customers who open and deposit at least $1 into a new Relay account. We will require proof that you were affected by Brex’s decision to end support for small businesses—just forward your account closure notice to support@relayfi.com.


See the full Terms & Conditions here.


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